Development Trainings

The Lugenia Burns Hope Center offers trainings for groups of individiuals or for organizations. Our trainings focus on leadership development and community organizings skills. These skills are transferrable to any profession or trade. If your job requires you to interact with people, then you can benefit from the trainings we offer. The trainings are offered for high school age and above.

Training Courses:

Basic Principles in Leadership Development and Community Organizing
This is a 10 week course that is rooted in the African Principle of Ma’at and the African American Value System of the Nguzo Saba. Participants meet 2 hours a week for 10 weeks. Guest presenters provide their expertise regarding weekly subject matter. Topics include:
– African Based Value System in Organizing
– Seven Habits of Effective People
– What is Power and how do we develop and use it
– Recognizing Self- Interest in yourself and others to be more effective
– Base building through relationships, formal and informal One on One’s
– Organizing an Implementing an effective meeting
– Racial Justice and Equity
– Organizing for Change, not just Reform
– Course Practicum

Each topic can be done as a separate workshop, for those interested in particular trainings but not the entire course (10 participant minimum).

Racial Equity Training
This training allows the participant to understand racial equity. It focuses on structural and internalized racism and provide the particpant with tools to recognize and combat it. Participants will develop a strong racial equity analysis and strategies to address instituional racism.

Voter Education and Engagement Training
We engage Bronzeville residents on how ot participate in the basics of civic engagement through the electoral process. Participants learn how to truly make their vote count, this includes candidate engagement before the election. Residents are also encourage to be come informed voters that will stay engaged with their elected officials after election day. We work to increase voter turnout and to have a more involved electorate in the Bronzeville community.

Advocacy through Organizing 101
This is a beginners course on Illinois State Government. It provides basic information on the legislative process and how to impact state policy.

*Costs of trainings vary. Minimum number of participants-10.
Trainings can be adapted to meet the objectives of your organization.