Current Projects

Leadership Development Trainings
We offer a trainings in Basic Principles of Leadership Development and Community Organizing. The trainings offered provide participants with the skills necessary to increase their indvidual and group performance. The African American Principles of the Nguzo Saba guide our approach to organizing for social change.

Bronzeville Clergy Caucus

We bring clergy and other community leaders together for fellowship and to help develop the capacity of Bronzeville residents to work on long-term solutions to systemic challenges that have affected the Bronzeville community. We focus on three main areas of interest: Education, Employment and Public Safety

Housing Bronzeville
We bring renters and homeowners together to create affordable housing for low to moderate income residents. This project is designed to provide homeownership opportunities for working families in the Historic Bronzeville community and greater Mid South Area.

Bronzeville Seniors on the Move
We work with elders within our community to advocate and organize around issues and concerns that are important to them. We provide our seniors with opportunities to engage in community activities to develop their capacity to impact decisions that are made within the Bronzevile community.

Voter Education and Engagement Forum
We engage Bronzeville residents on the basics of civic engagement throught electoral process. We work with residents to be come informed voters that will stay engaged with their elected officials after election day. We work increase voter turnout and to have a more involved electorate in the Bronzeville community.

Committee to Rebuild the Ickes

We work with former Harold Ickes residents to secure the rebuilding of the replacement public housing for the Harold Ickes Development. In addition, we are working with former residents to ensure they keep their right to return to the Harold Ickes replacement housing.