Community Groups & Clergy Demand $30M for Summer Jobs

The Hope Center joined concerned citizens and a dozen community and faith-based organizations this morning and called for Governor Rauner to provide immediate support for summer youth employment.

Incensed by the spike in violence across the city, the group demanded that something be done now to address this epidemic. Evidence points to a correlation between increased resources for summer youth employment and decreased incidents of violence in communities.

More than 1800 people in Chicago have been shot this year, with 200 of them dying from their wounds.

As taxpayers, it is our dollars that the State legislature and the Governor divvy-up as they see fit to address the myriad needs of Illinois’ citizens. However, Gov. Rauner is holding our tax dollars hostage, and not giving the people what we want or need.

Rod Wilson, executive director of the Hope Center said today, “Black and Brown children and filling
our jails and morgues because our government has not made their success, their lives, their families a priority.”